Tribal Council

Snoqualmie Tribal Council

Snoqualmie Tribal Council
L to R: Marilee Mai, Danniel Willoughby, Chief Andy de los Angeles, Wes Willoughby, Robert de los Angeles (Chair), Steve de los Angeles (Deputy Secretary), Suzanne Sailto, Jolene Williams, Kanium Ventura, Christopher Castleberry (Treasurer), Melynda Digre (Secretary), Michael Ross (Vice Chair)

Snoqualmie Tribe is governed by a Tribal constitution and an elected Council. The Tribe's governing structure includes building codes, health codes and other standard governmental functions.

Chairperson: Robert de los Angeles

Vice Chair: Michael Ross

Secretary: Melynda Digre

Treasurer: Christopher Castleberry

Honorable Lifetime Elder: Katherine Barker

Council: Steve de los Angeles, Jerry Boney, Christopher Castleberry, Melynda Digre, Marilee Mai, Michael Ross, Suzanne Sailto, Jolene Williams, Danniel Willoughby

Council Alternate: Wes Willoughby, Kanium Ventura

Chiefs: Andy de los Angeles, Nathan (Pat) Barker