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Article X, Section 1 of the Snoqualmie Tribal Constitution provides:

The judicial power of the Snoqualmie Indian Tribe shall be vested in the judicial branch of tribal government which shall consist of a Tribal Court and such other appellate or lower courts as deemed necessary by the Tribal Council.


Pursuant to Article X, Section 3(d), the Snoqualmie Tribal Council enacted the Snoqualmie Judiciary Act, STC 3.1, formally establishing the Tribal Court and the Court of Appeals. A peacemaker court has not yet been established. The Snoqualmie Tribal Council has enacted the Snoqualmie Rules of Court Act, STC 3.2 which governs proceedings in Tribal Court.

The Tribal Court shall have original jurisdiction extending to all cases, matters or controversies arising under this Constitution and the laws, ordinances, regulations, customs and judicial decisions of the Tribe. Article X, Section 2(a).

The Court of Appeals shall have jurisdiction to hear all appeals from the Tribal Court. Decisions of the Court of Appeals on all matters within its appellate jurisdiction shall be final. Article X, Section 2(b).


The Courts of the Snoqualmie Tribe shall have the power to:

(a)    Interpret, construe and apply the Constitution, laws and regulations of the Tribe.
(b)    Declare the laws and regulations of the Tribe void if such laws or regulations conflict with the Tribal Constitution or traditions of the Snoqualmie Indian Tribe.
(c)    Issue injunctions, attachments, writs of mandamus, quo warranto, review, extradition, certiorari and prohibition, and to issue writs of habeas corpus upon petition by, or on behalf of any person held in actual custody.
(d)    Establish court rules, forms and procedures for the Tribal Courts except that the Tribal Council may enact a judiciary ordinance consistent with this Constitution.


Article X, Section 3.

The Court currently hears all civil and criminal matters that fall within the court’s jurisdiction and is staffed by Chief Judge Randy Doucet and a Tribal Court Clerk. Court is held on the last Monday of every month, but the Court retains the discretion to convene on alternative or additional days depending on the circumstances.


Court Policies:

8150 Railroad Avenue S.E., Suite B
Snoqualmie, WA 98065

Anita Christiansen, Court Clerk

P. 425.888.2566
F. 425.888.2584


If you need to file documents with the Tribal Court you may submit them to the Court Clerk through email. Please review the Snoqualmie Tribal Court Electronic Filing Policy.