The Snoqualmie Tribe's Education Department supports Tribal Member life-long learning, from cradle to elder, including the following resources:

Pilot Surplus Computers Benefit - Click here to access the application

Student Loan Data Collection Survey 

Early Education (Pre-Kindergarten) 
Ensure children receive essential development and learning support. Contact us for information and resources, or for assistance in enrolling in early learning programs such as Head Start.


K-12 Education
Support and advocacy at schools including attendance at Individualized Education Programs and disciplinary meetings.


Higher Education
Assistance and support for those attending higher education courses, including financial aid advice and resources.


Adult Learning
Support for adults and elders continuing to learn and grow academically.


Back to School Clothing & Supplies Benefit UPDATED
New this year: Only check stipends will be given, no reimbursements. Receipts do not need to be turned in they are the responsibility of the Tribal Member. The additional funds to the standard $350 being given this year are to be used solely on school supplies as stated in the application. Copies of the application will be available at the Back to School event, also your paperwork can be turned in at the event. Proof of school enrollment is required we will accept the minor’s post recent report card, a letter from the school, or any other form that states the child’s name, grade, and school name. Higher Education/ AVT students must submit a copy of their current course schedule. This benefit is NOT available to scholarship recipients.


Higher Education and AVT Laptop Program NEW
New this year: Higher Education/AVT laptop program. The Tribe will be distributing brand new Dell laptops with wireless mouse and Microsoft Office. To be eligible you must be an adult enrolled Tribal Member enrolled in classes at an accredited college or university or accredited formal certificate program. You must maintain enrollment and earn a GPA of 2.0 or higher. Eligible students may receive one laptop package every four years with the requirement that they must complete the degree they were enrolled in at time of request in order to apply for a new laptop after the four year period. Students living within 35 miles of the Tribe must pick up their equipment from office or assign a designated pick up person. Students outside of 35 miles can request shipment at their own risk, shipments will require a signature upon delivery. Students that utilize this program are not eligible for the Surplus Computer Program. This program is NOT available to scholarship recipients.


Jarrod Da, Education Director
Jerry Warren, Education Assistant

Education Department
P: 425.888.6551 ext. 1119
F: 206.600.6487