Elders General Welfare Stipend

Dear Snoqualmie Tribal Elders,

The Tribal Council is pleased to introduce a new tax-free Elders Stipend for all Snoqualmie Tribal Elders under the General Welfare Plan. The Tribal Council has been working diligently to create a new Elders General Welfare Stipend since the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) guidelines were released regarding Tribal General Welfare Plans in October of 2015.

The Tribal Council strives to support Tribal Elders with this new assistance program, which affirms the Tribe’s inherent sovereign right to promote the general welfare of the Tribal Membership. Through this program, the Tribal Council aims to ensure that no Snoqualmie Tribal Elder is without basic fundamental necessities of life.

The new program provides $250 (two-hundred fifty U.S. dollars) per month for general assistance to Elder (55 years and older) Enrolled Snoqualmie Tribal Members to be used towards daily life expenses. While the new Elders General Welfare Stipend will not completely fund all of the needs of Snoqualmie Tribal Elders, the program is designed to lessen the burden of living expenses in your everyday lives.


The Details

To qualify for the Elders General Welfare Stipend, recipients must be an enrolled Snoqualmie Tribal Elder, 55 years of age or older at time of submittal.

The new program does NOT affect your eligibility for other Tribal benefits. This program is NOT income based. This program is separate from the Food Assistance program. The new program does NOT require you to submit receipts to the Tribal Services Department.

The first Elders General Welfare Stipend will be made to Elders for the month of April 2017. In order to receive this benefit for April, qualified Elders must submit their applications by Friday March 10, 2017.

New applicants must submitted the Understanding Statement by the 10th of the month to ensure delivery the following month. Recipients must re-apply and be re-certified each year.

Monthly checks or direct deposit will be made to Elder Tribal Member only.

Elders General Welfare Stipend can be used towards:

  • Daily life expenses including but not limited to: costs associated with housing and home maintenance, transportation expenses, food, healthcare, clothing, debt payoff, and goods for the home or Elder.


Elders General Welfare Stipend CANNOT be used towards:

  • Alcohol/Drugs, gambling, and in any way that would be considered lavish or excessive.


It is the responsibility of the Elder to keep itemized receipts for where and how the benefit was used for your own records.


How to Apply

  • Below you will find the program Understanding Statement including the terms and conditions, please thoroughly read them.
  • On Page 2 of the Understanding Statement, please check one of the boxes confirming if you would like to receive the Elders Stipend or confirming that you do not want to participate at this time.
  • On Page 2 please fill out your name, tribal ID, DOB, and sign/date.
  •  Please fill out a recent W-9.


Signed Understanding Statements may be returned by mail, email, fax, or hand delivered to the Tribal Services department.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the Tribal Services Department, Audrey Castleberry, at 425-888-6551 extension #6221 or email generalresources@snoqualmietribe.us.

Again, we are very excited to share this important news with you. We strongly believe that no member of our Tribe should ever struggle to keep up with the basic costs of living, and we are honored to serve on your behalf to make this important benefit a reality.


Snoqualmie Tribal Council




Bessie MedicineBird
425-868-6551 ext. 6234