Child Care/Baby Corner

Childcare and Development Fund

The Child Care program increases the availability, affordability and quality of childcare for Native American families. The program is federally funded through the Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Family Services – Child Care Bureau.

‚ÄčEligibility Requirements: 

  1. Parent or child must be an enrolled member of a federally recognized tribe. 
  2. Children served must be 13 years old or younger. 
  3. The household (not individual) must meet the income eligibility guidelines. 
  4. In a one-parent household, the parent must be working or attending a higher education institute. 
  5. In a two-parent household, both parents must be working, education activities, or job searching. 




Baby Corner

Baby Corner is a non-profit organization facilitated through Eastside Baby Corner that assists families in search of special items that may not be affordable or within their budget. All items are donated so inventory may vary. 


General Welfare Child Care

The Snoqualmie Indian Tribe provides a monthly child care assistance benefit to offset the cost of child care for eligible Snoqualmie Tribal children. The child care assistance benefit is subject to change at any time based on market rate surveys and availability of funds, as may be determined by the Tribe.

This benefit may be used toward the cost of part-time or full-time child care for children aged birth-12, depending on your Assistance Need. You will be approved for a maximum of part-time care if any adult in the household works part-time or is a part-time student.

Your household must demonstrate an Assistance Need, which is established when each adult living your home can show the need for child care by providing proof of participation in one or more of the following: employment/active job search, education/training, and/or if the child is a SICW placement in dependence status.

This benefit must be used toward the following: To pay a licensed facility, licensed group/family home, or approved in-home or relative care provider for care provider for eligible child(ren).

This assistance cannot be used towards summer camps, summer school, or early education tuition.



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